Thursday, August 14, 2008

waiting in the wings

other than this roller things have been moving pretty slow. not much to report on. or show.

projects are in the works. sometimes these things take time. things to watch out for:
issue 4 of hatefuck 'zine. another collaboration with apnea ( this time with supercult ( another tour poster for folsom. for the U.S. leg of their never ending road trip ( new zip up hoods from the give up merch department. new billboard layout. the animals and children project seeing the light of day ( etc, etc.

but until then, here's some things i'm into right now:
the hamburger eyes book

this photo documentary book of nevada brothels from the 80s to the present.

reign supreme, korean barbeque, orudis kt, crows feet (not pictured).

also found this picture in a box of old photos. i used to write. and like most graffiti writers i thought my shit was really good and really important. for some that's actually the case. in hind sight my shit was neither. shouldn't have spent so much time trying to copy the euros. or at least spent more time working on my own letters. i won't say what i wrote, but i promise anything i ever did was completely forgettable. this picture is at least 9 years old.