Tuesday, April 24, 2007

home tattoos

justin decided home made tattoos would be a good idea. why not.

true life.

of course.

this is the shittiest walkman tattoo machine ever. the needle bar is a fucking shish kebab stick. john made one in highschool that was pretty awesome as far as home made pen and spoon walkman machines go. this one was not.


edin is a boutique in houston pretty much at the corner of westheimer and dunlavy. they've been around for a while dealing primarily in womens fashion and jewelry. they've just recently decided to venture into mens clothing also and are slated to announce it with a launch party coming up pretty soon. they want to feature installations by different artists that rotate every few months. i was invited to do the first one.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

austin weekend

friday the 13th. will boone, sara, and i went to austin for the weekend. austin from houston really isn't a big deal, but i hardly go up there and when i do i never get anything done. this time i was determined. do some postering, visit some galleries, and take care of some business. the txhc the way it is fest was going on too.
will had hooked us up with some spots in a group show in philadelphia through his friend damien in brooklyn. i don't know the name of the gallery or any of the infromation. if i did i would post it on here. the opening is sometime this weekend of the 20th so if anyone up in philly is interested maybe snoop around and check it out. we had to go by will's studio to pick up his pieces to mail before we could take off. he moved into this space a while back but this was the first time i had been up there and i was excited to check it out. regardless of being friends, will is one of my favorite artists and i'm glad we've gotten to work together as much as we have. you can see more of his stuff at http://godsindigestion.blogspot.com

once we got his stuff we went back to my studio and packed everything up. stopped by the post office and headed for austin.

it was raining like shit when we got into town so we posted up at charlie's house for a while. charlie runs drug money records (myspace.com/drugmoneyrecs) and is cool as shit. once the weather let up enough i mixed up some glue and went for a walk.

got back to the hotel late and crashed out.

compared to houston you can walk anywhere in austin. and people are always walking or riding bikes or just out. no suspicion whatsoever wandering around alone in the middle of the night. if austin writers weren't so into freights the entire city would be completely crushed. saturday morning we went out and took some photos. after walking miles in the rain the night before i was over it. just shot what was close or on the way somewhere else.

with the exception of the original razor posters all my prints are done in editions of anywhere from 25 to 50. keeping with artistic integrity i clear the screens after the initial run and don't reprint any. a lot go up on the streets and a handful go to dealers or collectors, but once they're gone they're gone. these shotgun ones and the two-headed goats were in a show back around thanksgiving 2005. during the installation a couple got damaged. i didn't want to glue them up anywhere though because i had so few left. but they weren't really doing any good stuffed in a closet either. when i was getting all my stuff together to take to austin i drug them out and decided to put them up. any photos of the goat ones were lost when i lost all my pictures a while back so i was pretty excited to get these.

we ate some bbq and checked out okay mountain. they have a really cool space and host some great shows. they're also around the corner from this pinata place that had the most awesome fucked up freddy kruger pinata ever.

i don't really like leaving my house farther than i can walk. and even though this was one of the better times i've had in austin in a while, after driving and walking around for two days i was over it. so we said fuck it to the txhc fest and came back to houston. so no pics from that. next year.

Friday, April 6, 2007


i was using this fence to get to a roof top and when i came down saw these vampire teeth stuck in the bottom. it must be art.

did some new prints earlier this week and finally got some up last night. here's a couple.

put a few others up along the way too.

painted some stencils. i cut a new one occasionally. if i lose or tear the old one or if it gets too clogged with paint i have to. figured i might as well use it. i'm not really as into painting small stencils as i used to be but they're easy and run longer.

painted this pigeon almost two years ago. maybe longer. never had a good venue to post the pic. just an example of some older stencil stuff.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


shock value is dead. give up.