Wednesday, August 27, 2008

folsom u.s. tour, etc.

'dear kate, i'm sorry that i used your picture for this folsom tour poster without your consent. i know it shows a real lack of creativity and artistic merit on my part. and that my friends in the same industry are going to give me shit for it. but i really think it came out incredibly. and if you feel that you have to send a cease and desist, i'll eat the paper in the hope that it was once touched by your fingers.'
numbered edition of 60. three color print measures 12.5"x24.5" on 130lb. cover stock. available on the upcoming folsom US tour with lose none. visit their myspace for dates. or click the image to enlarge.

finally got some more copies of the book in from the publisher. still $30ppd in the US. for more pictures and information please look at the 'lonely days and wasted nights...' post in the february 2008 section of the blog archive to the right of the screen.



Monday, August 18, 2008

rain, work, rain

outlined one of these with a mike giant sharpie. i guess that makes me a fan.

hatefuck vol.4

it's been a while (the last issue come out last summer) but the newest installment of the art zine 'hatefuck' is finally finished. even more scraps and leftovers and recycled crap. smaller format this time around - 4.25"x5.5". but made up for the size with content; screened chip cover, fold out centerfold, some color pages for the first time, and it comes packaged with an HF button and photo insert.

80 pages. $5ppd in the US. for purchase contact

Sunday, August 17, 2008

give up x hatefuck v. technology

it might seem backwards to say fuck technology while sitting at the internet pecking on a keyboard. but fuck technology. the other day matt showed me how to create and then stack layers in photoshop. the image above is the first thing i've ever done on my own. with the assistance of a few phone calls. after just over 3 hours of flaring tempers and frustration i can say with assurance that this was the most frivolous expense of time i've ever wasted on 'art' and will not become a regular occurrence. maybe i've already beaten it into the ground, but due to the obvious look and nature i feel i have to continually express the fact that i do not use computers for any of my work. unless you're jeff elrod computers don't have any place in art. computers are for graphic design. graphic design is not art. this is a shit entry. just striving for post proliferation to seem productive. maybe the picture looks cool anyway.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

waiting in the wings

other than this roller things have been moving pretty slow. not much to report on. or show.

projects are in the works. sometimes these things take time. things to watch out for:
issue 4 of hatefuck 'zine. another collaboration with apnea ( this time with supercult ( another tour poster for folsom. for the U.S. leg of their never ending road trip ( new zip up hoods from the give up merch department. new billboard layout. the animals and children project seeing the light of day ( etc, etc.

but until then, here's some things i'm into right now:
the hamburger eyes book

this photo documentary book of nevada brothels from the 80s to the present.

reign supreme, korean barbeque, orudis kt, crows feet (not pictured).

also found this picture in a box of old photos. i used to write. and like most graffiti writers i thought my shit was really good and really important. for some that's actually the case. in hind sight my shit was neither. shouldn't have spent so much time trying to copy the euros. or at least spent more time working on my own letters. i won't say what i wrote, but i promise anything i ever did was completely forgettable. this picture is at least 9 years old.