Sunday, May 25, 2008

woke up disappointed

been working a some new pieces/prints for the upcoming 'repetition' show at the texas firehouse. show opens june 28th. if you're in the nyc area come by. drinks and music and shit.
36-29 vernon blvd
new york, ny 11106

covers for the new HATRED SURGE five inch on rescued from life records. got the figures out of some old english newspaper, so i can't really claim them. but the church and the letters are mine. as well as everything for the insert. which i can't find now. limited to a one time pressing of 100 copies.

immediate relevance: two more new prints, abandoning sleep, fight pretty tour with she rides, fight pretty tour poster, neurosis 'a sun that never sets', deathwish being almost sold out of the 'lonely days & wasted nights' book, new york in june, melatonin, crows feet, etc. etc. etc.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


didn't really know anything about marfa other than the aluminum JUDD sculptures. always wanted to see them so when mark flood got a residency through the chinati foundation it seemed like the perfect time to finally check it out. finding out that nick and lane were already making the 10 hour drive and that i could ride with them made it all the better.

mark's studio was huge and through the residency had an opening to show what he'd been working on during his time in marfa.

the favorite read 'publicity shunt' but my photo came out shit.

mark has been a big supporter of WILL BOONE and GIVE UP and, unsolicited, he put some of our work in one of the rooms of the studio. pretty incredible to have a default show in the biggest art destination in texas.

this is pretty much all you can see for miles and miles. west texas. no country for old men.

with random shit like this along the way

shot rolls and rolls of the same thing half frame.

art bloggers take pictures of their food. punchlines that taste like flat tab and cocaine make these dares easy.

not really the ideal place to try to get up. the desert. occupational hazards. two border patrol agents and a state trooper. and other excuses for questionable ability lead to small and sloppy rollers.

pretty good times all together. saw some things i never thought i would. especially in a remote west texas town with a population of only 2000. jonah freeman, justin lowe, & alexandre singh put together the most intense and amazing installation at ballroom called 'hello meth lab in the sun'. the photos could never do it justice. and the nate lowman, agathe snow, & aaron young show at united artists ltd.