Tuesday, September 25, 2007

vinyl killers

just finished today two records for the 5th vinyl killers group show coming up at the end of october in portland, OR.

enamel and acrylic on 12" vinyl.
edition of 3.

enamel and acrylic on 12" vinyl.
edition of 3.

mixed some of the shittiest glue ever and wasted it on some new posters.

i don't give a fuck anymore.
i don't give a fuck any less.

stabin cabin prison blues

last week i dropped this photo off over at mark floods studio. it was the reference for a giant 6'x4' print i did last year. a lot of people know mark for his lace paintings and his funny and sometimes offensive column that ran on glasstire.com for a while. but he was also once perry webb, singer for seminal texas punk band culturcide - who were featured in the movie american hardcore. his latest musical venture, stabin cabin, has a new record ready for release and they're using my photo for the cover.


staying busy in the studio. new print. actually not done in an edition.
acrylic on wood panel, 13"x23"

i met the guys in folsom on the first/last couple of days that they picked up on a tour that the band i was doing merch for was leaving. then a year later when i merched a short tour with will to live that ended in las vegas.

this photo is from the insert of one of their cds and was taken in san antonio some time before we met..

..but i still snuck in.

since we're doing music. this is the cover for morgue city's album. spike contacted me about doing it last year and pretty much let me run with whatever i wanted to do. i did the layers on paper and he stacked them in photoshop and put their name on it. i don't have a picture of the final version with the text. i don't know why this took me so long to post.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

sleepless, sleep less

discussions about methods, materials. times, dates, venues. ears, eyes. sprints across rooftops, down poles, through alleys. stay home. what does it matter in the end? i've said too much allready.

finished two new pieces for the group show 'open your eyes you're dead' at tradition in L.A. opening october 20th. more on that shortly.

36"x24" acrylic on birch panel.
36"x24" acrylic on paper numbered edition of 35.

24"x36" acrylic on birch panel.
24"x36" acrylic on paper numbered edition of 44.

i don't know why a private catholic university newspaper would do an article on street art, or why they would contact me about it. but the UST cauldron did. answered a few questions over email. i also didn't know they were going to run it as an interview, or that they were going to edit the interview. but here it is. maybe they needed two things to feel guilty about. looked pretty good either way.

haters wanna hate
(this does not give you any credit. not for creativity or otherwise. nor does it take away mine.)

lovers wanna love
(don't shoot the messenger.)

and on and on.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


i met the guys from palehorse a few years ago on the lost hope tour. three weeks down the east coast and back with will to live from houston, hoods from sacramento, and palehorse from connecticut. bitter cold, hardcore shows, sleeping in vans, and emptying paint into stencils around venues in major cities and small towns alike. the next time they came through houston with recon from new york i did this poster for the show for hatetank productions, and ended up doing some work for a palehorse sweatshirt too.

their ep 'secrets within secrets' was originally released on martyr records a little while back on cd only. now stray dog records has picked it up as a limited vinyl pressing with new cover art by michael bukowski. blue and while marble one sided 12" in a pressing of 545. with a special numbered edition of 100 that i screened directly onto the blank b-side of the vinyl. plus an additional secret edition of 20 with different artwork.

i talk a lot of shit about artists who appropriate images off the internet or out of magazines for use in there own work. primarily 'street artists'. maybe because i take so much pride in shooting all of my own reference photos. or because a couple of fake photographers have tried to take catalog style photos of my work on the streets and pass them off as their own art, in the form of the photograph itself. bullshit. you have to pay the bills though and sometimes i'm guilty of doing the same thing in my design specific work. which i try to keep seperate from my fine art, and which is why i never post any of it on here. but i was so into doing a piece centered around what they're into - the imagery of secret society/secret government and the illuminati - as well as the final outcome of the records that i had to put it up. and i don't feel quite as bad since all the reference came from books that have been sitting on my shelf for the better part of the last 10 years and not a google image search.

these were just finished last night, but should allready be available from stray dog by the time you read this.


Thursday, September 6, 2007


commission>permission. almost 60 hours spent over 5 days and 3 trips back and forth between houston and austin, and my painting is finally finished. i sorely underestimated the amount of work that would go into this. perhaps i should have looked into some bigger brushes.

the slow process of learning photoshop. here to maintain anonymity. as if anyone who shouldn't know couldn't come to the house or studio or gallery at any point. it's fruitless. but my paranoia and ego hold me. gives an idea of the scale anyway.