Saturday, September 15, 2007

sleepless, sleep less

discussions about methods, materials. times, dates, venues. ears, eyes. sprints across rooftops, down poles, through alleys. stay home. what does it matter in the end? i've said too much allready.

finished two new pieces for the group show 'open your eyes you're dead' at tradition in L.A. opening october 20th. more on that shortly.

36"x24" acrylic on birch panel.
36"x24" acrylic on paper numbered edition of 35.

24"x36" acrylic on birch panel.
24"x36" acrylic on paper numbered edition of 44.

i don't know why a private catholic university newspaper would do an article on street art, or why they would contact me about it. but the UST cauldron did. answered a few questions over email. i also didn't know they were going to run it as an interview, or that they were going to edit the interview. but here it is. maybe they needed two things to feel guilty about. looked pretty good either way.

haters wanna hate
(this does not give you any credit. not for creativity or otherwise. nor does it take away mine.)

lovers wanna love
(don't shoot the messenger.)

and on and on.