Monday, April 28, 2014

curriculum vitae

"this crumbling husk". yummy, wein, austria. july 2012.
"omens". cardoza fine art, houston, texas. may 2012.
"halfway to forever". domy, austin, texas. january 2010.
"harvest in solstice". aerosol warfare gallery, houston, texas. march 2008.
"untitled". aerosol warfare gallery, houston, texas. august 2005.

"give up // eyesore". cardoza fine art, houston, texas. september 2013.
"give up x adrian landon brooks". black swan, houston, texas. may 2013.
"opening ceremony" w/bryan lee taylor. austin school of film, austin, texas. may 2013.
"sleep is the cousin of death" w/james burns. gaslight gallery, houston, texas. december 2009.

"abrasive beauty". mason d'etoile, austin, texas. july 2012.
"stick 'em up". domy, houston, texas. may 2012.
"printed matter". slate/scion gallery, portland, oregon. april 2012.
"off the wall". megahost gallery, houston, texas. may 2011.
"stay up". war'haus gallery, houston, texas. october 2010.
"visual stimulus package". apama mackey gallery, houston, texas. june 2009.
"dirty hands". 33 design, minneapolis, wisconsin. march 2009.
"spacetaker gala". winter street studios, houston, texas. february 2009.
"death to false everything". POV evolving gallery, los angeles, california. january 2009.
"xmas expo". gallery lombardi, austin, texas. december 2008.
"horror business". tradition, westlake, california. october 2008.
"repetition". texas firehouse, new york, new york. june 2008.
"vote demon replicant". locker plant/chinati, marfa, texas. may 2008.
"open your eyes you're dead". tradition, westlake, california. october 2007.
"no thanks". mixture gallery, houston, texas. november 2007.

"casual encounters". domy, houston, texas. may 2009

david elizondo, "stay up - houston street art" book, october 2010.
mark flood, "clerk fluid - disselected essays" book, april 2008.
self published, "lonely days and wasted nights" book, february 2008.

free press houston, article, april 2014.
testimonium veritatis magazine, interview, april 2012.
houston press, article, may 2011.
ABC 13 local news, story, september 2010.
FOX 26 local news, story, april 2009.
chinati foundation newsletter, article, december 2008.
living art, 90.1 KPFT, interview, october 2008.
current television, interview, june 2008.
envy magazine, review, april 2008.
thrasher magazine, review, april 2008.
case magazine, article, june 2007.
free press houston, article, march 2007.

"stick 'em up", feature length documentary, april 2011.

35 denton, mural. denton, texas. march 2012.
black eye, mural. austin, texas. september 2010.
southside skatepark, mural. houston, texas. november 2008.
parts & labour, mural. austin, texas. august 2007.

houston press, reader's poll "best artist" award, 2010.
houston press, "best graffiti artist" award, 2008.
houston press, reader's poll "best local artist" award, 2008.