Wednesday, January 30, 2008


i gave up, gave in, caved in.
popular art culture seems to dictate that in order to validate and legitimize "street art" it is necessary to document the work and then post it on the internet to be worshiped or berated the world wide.
while this is an idea that i still struggle and disagree with i suppose bands want to tour, records want to be distributed, magazine articles want to get published - and i want my shit to be seen by more than just the handful of people who walk past a sticker on a light pole in houston, texas. or poster, stencil, etc in whatever other city i happen to roll through.
so after years of fighting inconsistent internet access, computer illiteracy, personal conflict and reasoning, and factors outside the realm of technology and questionable artistic integrity - i started this blog in february 2007.
because i want proof for both the doubters and the dealers. i want posterity. and i want my ego fellated.
but it didn't take long to realize what legitimate web designers have known long before - that the difficulty doesn't so much lie in creating the site, but in getting people to look at it once it's finished. so just like promotion of the work necessitated a website, the website is now necessitating promotion. and what better way to promote a website than through a more popular website?
welcome myspace.

Friday, January 25, 2008

lonely days and wasted nights

can't seem to get my head right past the laughter and the good times

you never know what you might find

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

scream tradition

as mentioned in the previous post i did a piece for the 'public domain' show at tradition. the theme being classic skateboard graphics re-worked. this is my interpretation of the santa cruz screaming hand. the show opens in westlake village, ca on february 2nd. i'm realistic about the probability of any of the 10 or so readers of this blog going out to the opening, so i'm going ahead and putting the picture up here now.

4 color screen print. acrylic on chipboard 26"x12". numbered edition of 35.
for information on purchase contact:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

public domain

andrew just sent me this flier tonight. i had been waiting to mention this show until i had something to post. i'm really excited to be a part of this and to get to show along side the other artists involved. generally i don't like theme shows, but this is pretty cool. if you're in westlake next month check it out.

hiatus on hiatus

took a break from taking a break. but effort still takes effort. stencils are easy enough though.

real bloggers take pictures of their food.

sometimes promises to yourself are the hardest to keep. painted a fucking fence.

out with the old

haven't updated in a while. lack of motivation. lack of effort. nothing new worth mentioning. got caught up and couldn't catch up. finally abandoned the old studio.

somewhere between the things that keep me up and the things that hold me down i found time to shoot photos for some new pieces. think there's a theme developing.

the AW guys have been working real hard to get their new art space/boutique open and are offering me a show. doors are scheduled to open early february. it will be the first chance to show/see the new work i've been laboring on in secret. more info on that as the time comes.