Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

stuck, poked

after doing the occasional intentionally crude nefarious stick 'n poke tattoo here and there over the years, my old friend jason friedman persuaded me to come do a few out of his newly opened VIOLET TIGER TATTOO PARLOR. turns out that when using proper inks and needles in a sterile environment you can produce a refined and enjoyable product, even within the confines of the hand-poked process. was able to do 20+ over what was supposed to be a limited three-week period. though not my primary focus, it was still a good time. perhaps more to come in the future.

newish york

back to nyc. more casual, less photos. run. run. run.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

'skull shield' L/S

'skull shield' long sleeve tee. large two-color back print, small razor image on front left pocket area. pro-quality printing on black 100% cotton regular fit tees using plastisol ink. these and a handful of hoodies are available now in the webstore (


we went to europe for two and a half weeks in december, starting in london. just now getting to sifting through all the photos. while the agenda wasn't graffiti or art specific (more to the point, it was specifically NOT graffiti intentional), we still found time to catch some tags and put up a few posters. as well as 5 days worth of museums and other london adventuring even less relevant to this program than the pics here. endure more euro documentation as the photos filter through, as upon return i can't understand why it took me so long to get there.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

fun while it lasted


issue 3 of BLACK GLOVE, my collaborative heavy metal fanzine with coach, is out NOW. first printing of 100 features interviews with andrew nolan (column of heaven, slaughter strike, intensive care, etc.), tyrant (red river family records, black vice, ravnblod), coach's intensive AD&D themed dissertation on the history of italian heavy metal, and bootleg patch making with mexico's chaos & metal. plus live pics, reviews, and more. full details and ordering in the WEBSTORE. also available from holy mountain printing, anthems of the undesirable, and crown & throne ltd.

san francisco pit stop

bit of a late pass on a quick trip to san francisco. mostly stood around pretending to do install for mark flood's show at the SFAQ affiliated evergold projects gallery. otherwise ate, caught up with friends, ran around the streets, didn't take enough photos. been a little slow to update the blog for a while now actually. a stronger commitment to documentation and consistency coming soon.

must have been