Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

'untitled (feral pack)' print

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five color screen print on heavy 96lb. acid free paper. printed using acrylic inks with metallic gold enamel flecked between the 2nd and 3rd print layers and metallic silver enamel flecked between the 3rd and 4th. making each print in the edition unique. actual print image is 15.5"x10.25" on 17"x11" stock. signed and numbered edition of 24.

i remember

been working on a new print
found a few left of these zip ups from last year. only have small and medium. up in the webstore now.
also found these old dollars i made several years back. i can't remember the band's name, but they were going on tour and wanted to throw a bunch out at every show like in the AC/DC 'money talks' video. never heard back on how that went, but may be some floating around out there somewhere.
finally went by domy houston to check out the installation of the 'monster show'. my piece is sneaking back in the corner. some standouts:
carlos rosales-silva
mark hesterlee
mark duetrom

and on and on


saw this on upper playground. don't know who made the video, but a lot of houston graff mixed in. give up rooftop sneaks in a little over halfway through. yeah.

Monday, November 2, 2009

quick work

PR!MO sent me this. went out with east end cleanup as part of the documentary and i guess they got some of my spots along the way.