Sunday, October 26, 2008

monster show

dropped a couple of prints off at domy in austin for their third annual 'monster show'. maybe the first in austin on account of how long the location has been open. but the third collectively. there will be joint openings at both the houston and austin spaces on the same night, october 31st, featuring a whole slew of artists. all the address, time, roster, and duration info is on their site:

Monday, October 20, 2008

billboarding, prints, etc.

mentioned previously the documentary PR!MO is working on. went out together the other day to put up this new billboard. he's got some more pics from the day up on the STICK 'EM UP HOUSTON blog, as well as some new stuff with DUAL.

also finished a new print. 'harvest figure'. numbered edition of 41. 24"x36". acrylic on newsprint.

fuck it.

i love this shit.

(belated) thanks layne.

hatred surge, rot in hell

designed and printed some record covers for the hatred surge 5" that came out a few months back. the first pressing was limited to 100 and sold out almost immediately. RFL records decided to do a second pressing of 100 more and alex had me print more covers in an alternate color way. just shipped these off today. check the pages for availability.

also been doing some stuff for ROT IN HELL for an upcoming box set slated to be released around halloween. here's an example. can't wait to see how it all comes together.

whenever i do stuff for bands and shit i think of it as more design than art. so i don't always use 100% my own photo reference. i've posted some on here from time to time even though it doesn't really fit what i'm trying to do with my art or this site because i still think it fits my process. i don't know that i'll keep doing that. whatever. i made a new album on my fucking myspace for some of the past tour posters and shit i've done.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

karma loop

my good friend CHRIS SAN ANTONIO of karma loop and HATED OF THE WORLD fame hooked me up with having some prints up at the karma loop store for an event they're having on halloween. they got installed a little early and he sent me these camera phone pics. if you're in the boston area before or around halloween stop by the store and check it out. karma loop is also now carrying the 'lonely days and wasted nights' book.

also. the opening of the HORROR BUSINESS group show at TRADITION is right around the corner. october 18th. featuring work from derek albeck, marco zamora, jacob bannon, give up, french, alex pardee, and more. live installation and printing by dethkills. all the information is in a post a few back. or at if you're in the westlake village, ca area check that one out too.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

stick 'em up documentary

PR!MO, the man responsible for the 'give up' CURRENT television video a few months back, has given me the green light to start talking about his latest project. a full length documentary on houston wheat paste postering and street art centered around the works of myself and DUAL. we've already been filming and shooting photos and doing interviews, but as of yet there is not a definite release date. PR!MO is the definition of professional and when people see the full capacity of his filming, editing, and production skills minds will be blown. he's started a blog for people to watch the progress of the process that i'll post in my links as well as here:

living art - kpft

got to do a radio interview for the 'living art' program on 90.1 kpft last friday. first time i've ever done anything like that. the program is an hour long with the first half of this particular installment being more political commentary; GIVE UP coming in for the second half. the program is available for play or download in the archives section of the kpft site and will be available for 55 more days from today (oct. 8th). just look for the friday october 3rd installment in the archives. or follow this link:

Friday, October 3, 2008

this last week - pics

a few pics from the video in the previous post.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

this last week - video

had this idea to record everything i did for a week. crush a bunch of shit. make a video. turns out listening to records, watching movies, and going to the post office doesn't make for incredibly interesting viewing. maybe worth looking at all the same. highlights from thursday to tuesday. some of the worthwhile things that got cut for time include the mark/clark flood opening at domy/brazil, preview of the eyesore show at aerosol warfare gallery, the wrong again practice space, and the new build at southside skatepark. plenty of documentation of each i'm sure can be seen at their respective sites. music on the video by ten crowns.