Monday, October 20, 2008

hatred surge, rot in hell

designed and printed some record covers for the hatred surge 5" that came out a few months back. the first pressing was limited to 100 and sold out almost immediately. RFL records decided to do a second pressing of 100 more and alex had me print more covers in an alternate color way. just shipped these off today. check the pages for availability.

also been doing some stuff for ROT IN HELL for an upcoming box set slated to be released around halloween. here's an example. can't wait to see how it all comes together.

whenever i do stuff for bands and shit i think of it as more design than art. so i don't always use 100% my own photo reference. i've posted some on here from time to time even though it doesn't really fit what i'm trying to do with my art or this site because i still think it fits my process. i don't know that i'll keep doing that. whatever. i made a new album on my fucking myspace for some of the past tour posters and shit i've done.