Wednesday, October 15, 2008

karma loop

my good friend CHRIS SAN ANTONIO of karma loop and HATED OF THE WORLD fame hooked me up with having some prints up at the karma loop store for an event they're having on halloween. they got installed a little early and he sent me these camera phone pics. if you're in the boston area before or around halloween stop by the store and check it out. karma loop is also now carrying the 'lonely days and wasted nights' book.

also. the opening of the HORROR BUSINESS group show at TRADITION is right around the corner. october 18th. featuring work from derek albeck, marco zamora, jacob bannon, give up, french, alex pardee, and more. live installation and printing by dethkills. all the information is in a post a few back. or at if you're in the westlake village, ca area check that one out too.