Monday, March 26, 2007

free press

got a little mention in the art section of the houston free press newspaper. free press comes out twice a month i think and this is from the early march edition. i don't really like or agree with everything they're trying to do over there but i haven't been in the papers for a while, and buffalo sean seems to know what's up with anything and everthing going on in the houston art scene, so i'll take it. " the corner of montrose and allen parkway sat the robinson building, a magnet for graffiti for years. when the bulldozers finally came a last hurrah of tags went up; VERB, pac-man, JEW. after the last pile of concrete was hauled out it looked like the end of the spot (which will become an islamic center pretty soon) but lo and behold GIVE UP went out of his way to hit the last retaining wall with 6 foot letters about thirty feet in the air...."