Monday, June 11, 2007

san francisco

flew out towards the end of last month to spend a few weeks in san francisco with my friends chad and katherine, then help them make the drive for their move back to texas. my only real interests were to visit some galleries, skate, pick up some records and books, shoot some photos, and get up some posters and stickers. and that's pretty much all we did. this was probably my 4th trip to san francisco, and without any real time constraints or obligations to anyone else it was one of the best. shot a grip of photos. some of them almost even worth looking at.

this is pretty much all chad and katherine eat...

...but they did turn me on to mate and milk.

they have some pretty flashy bikes

got to hang out with scott sylvia at blackheart while he worked on chad for a little while

i shipped my posters out early so they would be waiting for me when i got in. but they still didn't show up until a few days after i got there. i had enough stickers that i didn't mind the wait.

san francisco is tough. i put up over 250 stickers over the couple weeks i was there, but i would regularly see stuff slashed within a day or two. i can only imagine how many are still running.

competition is high.

work is a four letter word

good to see some stuff from some texas boys

dual was in town at the same time

the NACC was going on the second week i was in town. got to see some houston people who came out and party at chrome bags. coincidentally or not, the same weekend as critical mass. bikes everywhere.

jeremy came out about a week before we left. he and chad like to argue.

finally got to put up some of these goat head prints. the rest are nothing new, but here are some highlights anyway.


just more of the same