Monday, July 9, 2007

workin on our night moves..

..tryin to lose the ackward teenage blues..? ..when you just don't seem to have as much to lose.
fuck bob seger.

9am the morning after. this guy was pissed.

26 seconds of hate. everyone needs a break every once in a while. kenny KCP. no mercy.

the news said it rained 26 days in june. july 9th and looking at at least 7 so far. keeping me inside.
that and getting ready for this show at domy. installation starts on wednesday. show opens friday. hoping to have one more piece finished before then. even without the rain i've been staying off the streets trying make sure my new stuff is still fresh for opening night.
this camera project is something i'm pretty excited about though. five disposable point and shoots that i filled up between spring and summer 2007 with photos of posters and other street work, as well as some other random stuff. just get them processed and enjoy the living. thank you terry richardson for making shittylifestylephotography acceptable as art.

round one in an ongoing series available friday.

these weren't made to go on the street. might as well go here. gotta keep it light sometimes, you know? edition of 20. 19"x24" on 100lb stock. also available friday. cut fold burn.

black metal - black metal - black metal

...ain't it funny how the night moves