Wednesday, August 8, 2007

holding on

to things past.
watching the bayou from the bridge.

haven't kept up well with correspondence.
gocco printed these on the fronts of pre-stamped post cards. trying to catch up.

arts houston magazine ran a review of the domy show. who was it that said it doesn't matter what they say, but how much? i can accept that the impetus for the article probably had more to do with yar's work than my own. houston art types really seem to enjoy what he does. i'll ride it either way.

click on the picture to blow it up to a read-able size.

momentum vs motivation. staying busy in the studio.
new print 23"x35".
acrylic on birch panel.

this is the studio by the way.

did a 24"x36" acrylic on paper run of the new prints in an edition of 36 for the streets and other venues. decided to take some for a walk.

took advantage of wall space and routes less traveled to get up some of the other more recent work, too.