Thursday, November 22, 2007

circles and intellect

received yesterday this flier for the "don't sleep" group show that opened on the 16th at premium goods, featuring nobody i know. i've posted pics from other shows they've done at premium goods in the past. but for the 10 (+/-) out of towners that read this blog and don't know about premium goods, it's a sneaker boutique for all your super limited crazy colored nikes that also hosts outsider and street level group art shows every couple months. i don't know who did the flier, but couldn't help but notice the use of the GIVE UP razor image in the collage. without permission or having my work affiliated with the show in any way. i can't really get down on premium goods because i know the owners have a "curator" for the shows and have little more to do with them than the lending of their walls. but what is especially humorous is the fact that their former, and i assume current, curator - who's work is also featured in this most recent show - told me when they first started toying with this art installation idea that my work was too dark and "apathetic" to ever be shown there. i guess not enough so to keep them from using it to get people to their openings though. but PG is still a cool place to get clown shoes, if that's what you're into.