Saturday, June 14, 2008

the road to nowhere leads to me

is that how the song goes? lost my constitution and drive in brooklyn. about a week into 22 dates with fight pretty and she rides. spent my time behind wheels and merch tables across the country enough times over. paid my dues in vans and unloading trailers. obligation and guilt aren't feelings i choose to invest any time in. best of luck on the rest of the ride guys.
threw these posters together last minute before striking out. pretty fucked up really. didn't have time to arrange the photos myself, so the images are stills from richard kern's "hardcore: volume 1". should have never made them. don't appropriate other peoples' art for your own benefit or design. shows a real lack of integrity. printed i think 45. check the availability on remaining dates of the tour at i didn't keep any.

stickers and stencils. bathroom mirror scribes. no matter how many or in what city aren't worth documentation. drinking nyquil from fingertips. going snowblind raging until noon. topless barely legals passed out on dirty warehouse couches. all have been seen 100 times over on other blogs way hipper than this. has live photos of the show in providence better than any i could be capable of.

the high chief practice space in brooklyn. not the she rides/daughters/chinese stars practice space in rhode island.

nick's cool german shepherd drawing.

lack of real productivity or realization on tour forced me out once i got back home.

ryan hooked it up.

back to new york in a week or so for my installation at the firehouse. the address is in the previous post. or the show is called 'repetition' and opens on the 28th. come by if you're in area. maybe some better pics next time around.