Wednesday, December 17, 2008

lombardi / han cholo

went to austin for the opening of the 'xmas expo' at gallery lombardi back on the 4th. somehow i never actually made it inside. so we went back up the other day to check out the installation before it came down. a lot of good stuff, with real standouts from dennis mcnett and jana swec. show runs through january 10th. thanks rachel.

bloggers shoot their food.

didn't make it to the bandanna show opening at han cholo in L.A. either. grabbed this photo off the flickr link on the bomit site. judging by the other photos it was a good show. thanks Z.

up next:
finished collecting content and printed the covers for the next issue of HATEFUCK. just needs to be laid out and copied.
derek albeck's solo show is coming up on jan 10th at the POV gallery in L.A.s chinatown. he has co-curated the new dethkills zine and is showing content and selected works in the project room of the gallery. printed some insert pages for the zine and currently finishing up a new print for that.
watching the highway stretch out before us.