Thursday, January 8, 2009

the road behind

got to stow away for 9 days on a road trip starting in houston and ending in san francisco. got some spots, handled some business, shot some photos. not everything, but everything relevant here.

new mexico highways.

greater phoenix/tempe area spots.

grand canyon. could have stayed and never looked back.

new years in L.A. with dethkills and DAS crew.

old black books came out.

POVevolving in chinatown where derek albeck has a solo show opening jan 10th...

and keeps a studio in the basement. give up, will boone, and many more in the project room of the opening...

where marco zamora is currently showing work.

couple L.A. spots along the way.

pacific coast highway.

the lost boys house in santa cruz?

SF to meet with brett from HUSK industries and visit his studio space. tons of great prints...

and a couple of stephen kasner pieces he's storing for an upcoming show. these really have to be seen in person. incredible.

enough SF spots but not enough pictures. pretty much the same either way at this point anyway.

back to san jose and a flight home.

best days on the road in some time. comfortable ride, real food, casinos, hotels. friends i hadn't seen in some time. ruining mirrors and streets accross the country. with enough time to appreciate and take in things that were rushed or passed by completely in the past. setting standards for 2009. now back to work.