Sunday, April 18, 2010

print sale

aerosol warfare gallery has done a lot for me over the years as far as shows, promotion, and dealing prints. but i recently decided to pick up a few portfolios of poster prints that have been in their back stock.

mixed in these portfolios are a handful of prints that have been unavailable or inaccessible for some time now, even years. based on demand and availability most of these prints have been previously priced at $60 to $100. but now i feel like enough of these particular images have seen the street, and i want these handful out of each edition that are already cataloged to be moved. so i'm blowing them out at $25 each.

this $25 poster sale will run through the end of may or until the small number of each edition allotted for the sale run out. at the end of may all prints will return to regular price.

check out the webstore for images and availability. link to the right, or: