Monday, August 22, 2016


look at this late pass. issue two of my metal fanzine with coach springer came out almost a full month ago. do people even look at blogs anymore after instagram and snapchat? they must still look at print in some capacity because we released these in a run of 100 and probably only have 15 copies left. same format as issue one - 8.5" x 5.5" B&W photocopy zine - but on this second outing we've already initiated the ramp-up and added 4 more pages. BLACK GLOVE issue two features interviews with canadian cbgbm act LYCAON, texas sludge crushers KRVSHR, and coach's second installment in the bootleg patchmaker series - this time with ireland's BELKOT. as well as live photos, reviews covering all metal fronts from nwobhm to death metal to black noise, and a few other surprises. available now in the GIVE UP store. logo tshirts and zine packages are also available exclusively through HOLY MOUNTAIN PRINTING.