Friday, September 5, 2008

harvest process hoods

maybe i've been listening to too much neurosis, amon amarth, and holy terror bands. watching the tree line along the highway and the sky through the silhouetted canopy of the woods. as this 'harvest process' image has been finding its way into my work. the amalgamation of the harvest rune and the identifying symbol of the process church cult. reap what you sow.

standing by not being a proponent of branding and merchandizing. but fuck it. can't wear your life on your sleeve without a sleeve to wear it on.
professional quality printing using plastisol inks on medium weight 50/50 zip ups. YL/SM/MED/LRG/XL. only 24 made. available either direct (paypal to or through $40.

UPDATE: OUT of all YL, MED, LRG, and XL in personal inventory. check or parts&labour (512.326.1648) for more size options.